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  • Your forums are confusing.  This should be in the "Online feedback for when you cannot use the feedback app" section.

    I upgraded to Windows 10 for free.  I noticed a few problems off the bat.  One was that if I entered my login password wrong that it would take up to ten minutes to finally stop processing the incorrect password and ask me to enter the password again.  That has been fixed.  Now that it is closing in on Christmas time there are a lot of pictures being taken and uploaded to the computer.  When trying to create folders to accommodate these pictures the windows explorer program begins processing the request but then move on to "(Not Responding)" status.  Thus far it has not ever gotten to where I can actually create a new folder.  I finally got tired of this and decided that I should provided some feedback so that when a new update comes out, maybe this can be fixed.  Looking online it directed me to the feedback app.  I found the feedback app on the computer and when I clicked on it the program spent about 2 minutes on the opening icon screen before changing to a blank white screen with only the options to minimize, close or expand the window.  Very clever Microsoft.  I see what you did there.  In the same place that I got the information about the feedback app I found information on the update program.  I opened the update program and for the past 10 minutes it has been processing this request and has yet to tell me if there is or is not an update to download. 

    In summary, 3 things Microsoft:

    1. I would like to be able to create a folder

    2. I would like to be able to use the feedback app

    3. I would like to be able to check for updates.

    Thank you for the assistance.

    P.S. After ~10 minutes a new folder was finally brought up.  Update #1 to "I would like to be able to create a folder in a reasonable amount of time (i.e. 1 second, preferably less).

    Friday, December 11, 2015 10:58 PM