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  • I'm on a work computer and frequently have to juggle between 5 and 20 open browser windows throughout the day. unfortunately, there are many different development platforms, and about once or twice per week, I'll be in the middle of having 10-12 windows open, when one hangs. unfortunately, there's only been one process running (since most of the "new windows" I open are based off of a single login/access screen), and the hanging of one means that when I close the process, they're all gone.


    if I've opened a new window (by opening IE again from the quick-launch, desktop, or start menu), only one set of parent/child windows is affected. my thought is that the other set is in a new process, session, or something of the sort.


    in order to limit the amount of backtracking when my IE windows crash to desktop, is there a way to create each and every new window in its own process or session, so that when any one of them hangs, none of the others are affected?


    my normal sequence of events goes something like this:

    open computer, corporate login automatically comes up (have it in startup folder)

    after login, links open new windows (but not new processes) for three company applications

    one of the three applications is a gateway where I can view orders and other information, which opens each order in a new window (but not new process)


    in addition, I'll frequently open up 1-2 tabs in the "main" windows, which have database-lookup applications.

    all of these "applications" are web-served, and most likely use one of two different versions of the JRE (which I have no control over).

    current XP ver (pro SP3) 5.1.2600

    current IE ver (7.0.5730.13CO)

    as I'm not a developer, I'm not looking for developer things, but I can probably get the local IT Admin to grant me temporary registry access for key editing. it's a relatively open computer, but there are still restrictions in place to keep me from doing low-level editing.

    (this question was recently posted nearly word-for-word in Microsoft Community, and I was redirected here.)

    Wednesday, November 28, 2012 4:33 PM

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