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  • During the process of assigning Email Address management permissions through Delegate Control Wizard, we can see that there are no Read or Write Email Address checkboxes. (Figure 1)


    Figure 1.  No Read or Write Email Address checkboxes in Delegate Control Wizard.

    The E-Mail Address (others) is the mailbox addresses outside of the organization. Also, in the Attribute Editor of user accounts from Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in, we cannot find the Email Address attribute, either.

    The reason why we cannot see these attributes is because that these attributes are hidden, which are called Filtered Properties. We can find out which properties are filtered by viewing the Dssec.dat file on Domain Controllers under %systemroot%\System32 folder.

    Here are the detailed steps to delegate Email Address management permissions:
    1. Open the Dssec.dat file with Notepad, and all filtered attributes will be displayed.

    2. Locate the mail attribute under User section (Figure 2&3):

    Figure 2. User Section in Dssec.dat file

    Figure 3. Mail Attribute in Dssec.dat file

    (Note: All those attributes having a value of 7 means they are hidden. Changing the value to 2 can display only read permission; changing the value to 1 can display only write permission; changing the value to 0 can display both read and write permissions.)
    3. Change the value of mail attribute to 0, then save the change in Dssec.dat file.

    4. Re-open Active Directory Users and Computers snap-in.

    5. Check the Read and Write permissions checkboxes for the mail attribute.

    Figure 4. Delegate Read and Write Permissions

    6. As a result, the user who has been delegated with Read and Write permissions is able to edit the Email property.

    Figure 5. Manage Email Property

    In addition, you can also follow the produces above to delegate other management tasks for other filtered attributes.

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