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  • To simplify as much as possible:

    I have3 machines newly RE-installed ALL with Windows 10 PRO


    A) version 1903 and 2 shares, the C- and D-Hdrive

    B) version 1909 and 1 share, the C-HDrive

    C) version 1903 and 1 share, the C-HDrive

    I'm logged on to all of them with my MS-account.

    ALL machines can acces the SHARES on ALL the other machines - it is all combinations works well !

    BUT when it comes to access via Remote Desktop, Oh, my ... only A can access the other two !

    Now I've moved the A-machine to my office right beside the C-mashine - instead of the B-machine.

    A and C have  the SAME version/build of Windows 1903 - fully updated.

    Remote Desktop only works on A = A can access C via Remote Desktop, but C CAN'T access A via remote Desktop.

    Error messages is a MsgBox with these 3 proposals - translated from danish

    1) Remote access is not activated ---------------------------------->  it IS, I've tested severel times !

    2) Remote computer is OFF ----------------------------------------->  not at all !

    3) Remote computer is not accessable on the network ------------> it IS because I can get access to the shares !!!!!!!

    I've compared ALL Firewall rules IN- and OUT-going on A with those on C and C-rules are axactly the same settings as on A !

    What's left that could be wrong ?

    Best regards
    Aarhus V, Denmark

    Wednesday, October 14, 2020 8:06 AM

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