FIM Approval are escalated prior that the the escalation time has passed with reason: Approver does not have the authority to approve anymore. RRS feed

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  • The environment is as follow:

    1. We have FIM 2010 R2 Sync & Portal version 3.1.3419.0 installed on one server;
    2. We have an Approval workflow for certain attributes on a user account which the user can update;
    3. We have an reference attribute on the user object called "Nominated Approver"; and
    4. The Nominated Approver is selected as the first Approver on the workflow and there is a escalated approver which is the escalation time is set for 5 days.

    We have the following scenario:

    1. User change an attribute and an approval is sent to the Nominated Approver;
    2. User then change his Nominated Approver to another person;
    3. The original Nominated Approver approve the request;
    4. An escalation approval has then started, before the escalation time period.

    When I look at the events/request and approvals I found the following:

    • The Approval Duration is exactly 5 days from the request date on the "Update to Person:

    • The request will show that the original approver has approve the request with reason: "Approver
      does not have the authority to approve anymore."

    • The Escalation Approval will then be sent prior to the escalation date.

    Have checked the SQL Server date and time all is ok.

    Other Approvals are normal except for 2 approvals which Nominated Approver attribute has change.

    Has anybody encounter such an escalation approval where the escalation date/time has not been passed?


    Regards Andre van der Westhuizen

    Thursday, June 6, 2013 7:10 AM