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  • HI,

    We have 2 Lync site A & B with pool pairing relationship.

    Pool A user hosts all the Lync users. Pool B will only be used for DR purpose. We are configuring the SFB servers in Site B.

    I have query on configuring the URLs in DR site. There must be unique External Web service URL for both the Pools.

    I want to know whether we can use the same Internal Web service URL for both the pools. We can configure the respective Load balancer on both the sites with unique VIP. DNS can be pointed to LB IP in Primary site in Normal scenario. Only after Pool Failover in case of DR, we can change the DNS to point to LB IP configured for the Second pool.

    Will this be a supported scenario, or I need to configure Unique Internal Web service URLs for both the front end pools.



    Monday, April 6, 2020 1:17 PM

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