Disable built-in Administrator Account and using copy profile with custom user account (part of local administrator group) RRS feed

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  • Hi Team,

    We have a requirement to disable built-in administrator account and have custom user account that will be made part of local administrator account. We are using copyprofile as well for custom settings. Just to know if we are following a right thing? We are following the below process:

    1. Create new user account as 'abc' and made him a member of local administrator group

    2. Disable Build-in local administrator account

    3. Login with 'abc' account to the reference machine, set all the customizations for the final image

    4. Run sysprep task sequence on the reference machine to capture the master image

    5. Once captured, created new TS, attach captured image with the TS

    6. Enable CopyProfile=True by modifying unattend.xml (under Control/TS name)

    Is this the right approch for copy profile?

    I have below few more questions:

    - If I am disabling build-in local administrator account, would it anyway impact the deployment of master image? I mean What account MDT will use during Image deployment on the device to login and process the TS, applications.

    - I am observing that devices that are deployed , not able to finish TS and not able to join domain as well. Disabling built-in administrator account would impact it?

    Any pointers would be appreciated.



    Thursday, July 16, 2015 2:24 PM

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  • MDT won't work without the local administrator account. Also don't make the other local account in the reference image, do that when you deploy the OS to the client. Correct, enable copy profile in the unattend file of the TS you use to deploy Windows to a client. If you're deploying Windows 8.1 don't use the copy profile, it doesn't work well. There are other ways to apply a default start screen and default application associations if you are deploying 8.1

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    Thursday, July 16, 2015 2:48 PM