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  • I have a really strange problem with a DPM 2012 server with a direct-attached stand-alone tape drive (HP LTO Ultrium-3).

    The DPM server has multiple protection groups, all using the same schedule: a daily short-term disk backup and a daily long-term tape backup (company policy is to back up everything to tape daily with manual tape rotation).

    All protection groups are co-located in the same protection group set. Everything works... sort of.

    Sometimes, a tape backup job stops while executing (having already transferred a random portion of data) and goes in a "waiting for a free tape" state, just like if the tape was full and another one was needed; except that, the tape is well below its threshold; if I try to resume the job, it just stops again. BUT, if I manually cancel the job, other jobs continue on the same tape, and if I resubmit the job, it completes succesfully.


    • It's not a tape rotation problem, or the job wouldn't have even started.
    • The tape is definitely not full.
    • This happens on random jobs, not everytime on the same protection group.
    • It also happens at random portions of the data transfer.
    • It also happens with different tapes.

    Looks like the tape drive is wrongly reporting the tape to be full while it isn't... can it be a firmware o driver problem? All are updated to the latest available from HP. I also tried cleaning the drive with a cleaning tape, but this didn't fix the problem.

    Friday, November 30, 2012 12:35 AM


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