Can't get rid of old SQL server from topology RRS feed

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  • I am trying to complete a migration from Lync 2013 Enterprise to Skype for Business Server 2019 Enterprise.  Our Lync 2013 pool used mirrored SQL 2008R2 servers for its back end (LYNC-BE1 and LYNC-BE2).  We are using this for internal IM, conferencing, and presence only. 

    The 2019 FE pool is using an instance on a SQL 2016 server (SKYPE-BE) for its back end.  I created the 2019 Enterprise FE pool and moved all the users over to it.  I updated the DNS records.  I moved the central database store to the SQL instance SfB is using (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/skypeforbusiness/migration/move-the-central-management-server).  I stopped the services on the Lync FE servers, removed the 2013 FE pool, and published the topology.  

    I am now unable to remove LYNC-BE2 from the topology.  LYNC-BE1 can be removed, but when I try to remove LYNC-BE2 from Topology Builder, I get the error:

    "This SQL Server store is being used.  Remove the dependencies before deleting the store.  Affected services:"

    There are no affected services listed.  

    I ran get-CsService and found one service referencing LYNC-BE2.  There are two services listed for the Central Management database role, one with identity "CentralManagementDatabase:SKYPE-BE.local.mycorp" and the other with identity "CentralManagementDatabase:LYNC-BE2.local.mycorp"

    Identity             : CentralManagementDatabase:SKYPE-BE.LOCAL.MYCORP
    SqlInstanceName      : MYCORPSKYPE
    DependentServiceList : {CentralManagement:MYCORP-Skype-FE.cpsc.gov}
    ServiceId            : 1-CentralMgmtStore-1
    SiteId               : Site:HQ
    PoolFqdn             : SKYPE-BE.LOCAL.MYCORP
    Version              : 8
    Role                 : CentralManagementDatabase

    Identity             : CentralManagementDatabase:LYNC-BE2.LOCAL.MYCORP
    SqlInstanceName      :
    DependentServiceList : {}
    ServiceId            : 1-CentralMgmtStore-2
    SiteId               : Site:HQ
    PoolFqdn             : LYNC-BE2.LOCAL.MYCORP
    Version              : 6
    Role                 : CentralManagementDatabase

    Central Management service for the Skype FE pool points to SKYPE-BE

    I tried to use Uninstall-CsDatabase to get rid of the old database on LYNC-BE2, but it failed with an error that includes "Microsoft.Rtc.Common.Data.DbSetupBadSqlVersionException, Message: SQL Version is not high enough. Minimum SQL Servermust be major version 13 and minor version 0 and build 1601 (RTM) or higher.  This SQL Server is major version 10, minor version 50, and build 6560."  I assume that's because LYNC-BE2 is SQL 2008R2.

    What do I need to do to get rid of this old database and old SQL server from the topology?  If I can't get rid of if, will it hurt anything to simply leave it in the topology and shut down the FE and SQL 2008 servers (since nothing is dependent on them)?

    Thanks very much for your time in reading this long missive and especially for your help.

    Friday, September 27, 2019 10:13 PM


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