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  • I have some users that I migrated over to the cloud that now want to use our local BES.  I understand that local BES will not work with users in the cloud, so what is the process of getting the users back onto our on-premise exchange 2007 server?  Is it just as simple as removing the forwarding and reconfiguring their outlook?


    Thursday, June 24, 2010 3:09 PM


  • Hi, unfortunately it's not really that simple.  My first thought is if you think you are going to move forward with the purchasing Microsoft Online and migrating all your users to Microsoft Online, you should look at signing up for a 30 day trial of BES Online, and just keep these users on Microsoft Online, using the Microsoft Online BES.

    If you want to move them back to your local Exchange server, you'll first want to export all their mail to PST, since their Microsoft Online mailbox probably contains data that isn't in their local Exchange mailbox such as sent items.  You'll then need to remove the forwarder on their local account, and delete their Microsoft Online account.  You can then rerun the directory sync (assuming you are running it) to get their account to show back up in the GAL .  The deletion of that Microsoft Online account is going to cause  problems for users who are still on Microsoft Online.  Basically when you delete the account and it gets recreated, Exchange sees it as a different account so, replies to old message, nickname cache entries, which contain the users who were deleted are now invalid and if a user sends to them, they'll get and NDR.  After some cleanup and allowing some time to go by, you'll be able to recover from it, but it is a bit messy.  On premise users really aren't impacted by this, so if there are just a couple people on Microsoft Online at this phase of your migration, it's not a huge deal.


    Chad Mosman, MessageOps | www.MessageOps.com
    Thursday, June 24, 2010 5:50 PM