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  • Morning All,

    I'm currently experiencing an odd situation with the Manage Queue function in our Project Server. For the entire year I've been using PS the Manage Queue has never consisted of much more than a couple of projects awaiting check-in.

    I logged on last week and saw that timesheets are now in the queue. This is particularly odd as we don't use timesheets so I'm unsure why these are now showing in the queue.

    The screen shows the following:

    • Queue Type = timesheet
    • Entry Time = 1am
    • Complete Time = blank
    • Project Name = N/A
    • Job Type = either Archive Custom Fields, Archive System Settings or Archive Resources
    • Job State = waiting to be processed
    • Percentage Complete = 0%
    • Owner = SVC_SPFarmadmin

    This week it's also trying to archive projects. Everything is as above except Project Name isn't blank and Job Type says Archive Project.

    I'm the administrator for PS and (as far as I know) I've not made any changes that would cause these to now be queueing.

    I was wondering if anyone might know why this is happening, if it will cause any major problems and if there's a way to stop this occuring. Everyone here is as confused as I am as to what's going on.

    Thank you in advance for your help!


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