Custom Workflow update. Best practices?


  • Hi everyone (sorry for my english) I'm always learning :)

    I have a custom WF created with SPD. The WF is already running in more than 100 site collections in production environment. The WF is a reusable type WF and now I have to make some improvements. The workflow has some "App steps" to accomplish some tasks with elevated privileges.

    I have been googling about the best practices to update an existing WF and the "issues" with the running instances when you update a WF definition. This post explains what happens "inside" SharePoint, but is from 2009, and not sure if applies to SPO.

    I' m planning to create a PowerShell script to update the existing WF in all the site collections, but not sure if this approach is the best.

    Any suggestions or better ideas will be appreciated, thanks in advance for reading.

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