Does Windows XP Home Edition (Version 2002) include SP1, is the Microsoft Virtual Machine for Java (MSJVM) installed on it, and do future Service Packs remove it?


  • While installing Microsoft DirectX 9.0c on my Windows XP Home Edition (Version 2002) operating system (not sure if version 2002 in it's original state included SP1), the accompanying end-user license agreement (EULA) included a paragraph stating that "SOLELY WITH RESPECT TO THE MICROSOFT VIRTUAL MACHINE FOR JAVA, YOU ARE ONLY LICENSED TO INSTALL THIS OS COMPONENT ON A MACHINE THAT ALREADY CONTAINS A VERSION OF THE MICROSOFT VIRTUAL MACHINE FOR JAVA". Assuming the MSJVM was included with Windows XP Home Edition (Version 2002), I went ahead and accepted the EULA. I then downloaded and installed Windows XP SP2, and then SP3, but was unsure whether SP2 and SP3 removed the MSJVM at any point. However, upon researching the issue, I discovered the 'MSJVM Transition FAQ' (updated May 07, 2004) website, which answered the question: "If I install Windows XP SP1a or later, will it remove my current MSJVM?" with "No, upgrading the operating system will not remove an existing MSJVM on the computer" ( However, I cannot find any instance of it on my computer. 

    So my questions are: 

    1. Does Windows XP Home Edition (Version 2002) include SP1?
    2. Is the MSJVM installed on this version?
    3. Does SP2 or SP3 remove the MSJVM at any point?

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