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    will in Win 7 the Binary Prefixes finally be used or correctly, or will Win 7 still adress them wrongly as Decimal Prefixes?
    Id like to see that there will be finally correctly differenciated between those two.

    I can see the Decimal Prefixes have been used as an Temporary Solution in the early times of Computing. But since we got a standard now for Binary Prefixes, a change should be made. Sticking to Decimal Prefixes is just confusing, since many people dont know where they are used correctly (for connection speeds or unformatted HDD sizes), or wrongly (as in formatted storage space). As an example i often read people complain about HDDs not having the size they are sold for, and they blame the maufacturers of those.
    But whos really wrong here?

    You as the Developers of the most used OS can make a change here, and correct an error of the past, which is still around today.

    Kind Regards,
    Wednesday, July 1, 2009 4:52 PM