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  • Every time Internet Explorer security settings are set to reasonable (slightly elevated) levels of security the many websites, starting with all Microsoft websites, stop working. Under such IE settings, all Microsoft websites work in completely bizarre way. For example, I would be able to logging to my Microsoft Office 365 online account and to Hotmail, One Drive, but wont be able to open Azure, or some other Microsoft websites which are normally opened with the same Microsoft Account.

    Even though, all the important Microsoft Websites, are added to the trusted folder, they are not functioning properly, with slightly elevated IE security settings. It leads to a situation when such demanding Microsoft websites force users to lower the security setting. The lower security settings, subsequently used when Internet users browse  other none Microsoft websites, which by itself is an absurd situation, and leads to decreased state of security for the whole system.

    For example, when cookies are set first party: prompt; third party: block, the prompts to add coming from Microsoft websites are numerous and include, in fact, thirds parties websites. Those prompts designed incorrectly: misdisigned. It does not really allows users much of a choice to add the prompts to restricted folder, for example, internet folder. There is only one option to add to trusted folder, or to close the prompt.

    Such tendency of Microsoft to design their software (staff) in a particular way reveals that they design the staff for their convenience, and to satisfy their invormaiton needs used data about all of us, instead designing the staff for our convenience, and to satisfy our needs for the staff to be manageable and secure.

    Such tendencies of Microsoft should be recognized as a problem. Then this Microsoft Problem should be described (formulated). And finally, Microsoft should start to be recognized as a growing problem, unless they adapt more satisfactory ideology how to design their staff. Considering large number of people using Microsoft, enven though a private company, provides a public service, and as such must be regulated. Such harmful activities of Microsoft as forcing users to decrease EI security settings, Microsoft software often reverts settings by itself, and finally Microsoft design software to be less manageable, unmanageable, or poorly manageable, or requiring specialized (exotic) knowledge to manage it all contributes to decrased users security around the globe.


    Thursday, October 19, 2017 11:18 PM