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    We have a customer running a couple of clusters "LinuxCluster" and "WindowsCluster". The issue I have is that only the "LinuxCluster" CSV are discovered/shown in the view "Microsoft Windows Hyper-V Extensions 2012 R2>Cluster Shared Volumes State"

    I have also looked under "Microsoft Windows Server>Health Monitoring>Cluster Shared Volumes Health" and its only showing the "LinuxCluster" volumes.

    I am running version 6.0.7230.0 version of the cluster MP and 7.1.10140.0 of the Hyper-v MP and of the Hyper-V Extension MP (I believe these are all the latest versions).

    I have checked and the discover rule "Cluster Shared Volume Discovery" and it is enabled by default with no overrides applied.

    I have verified this by running the below command.

    PS C:\temp> get-scomclassinstance -class (Get-SCOMClass -displayname "Cluster Shared Volume")
    HealthState     InMaintenanceMode  DisplayName
    -----------     -----------------  -----------
    Success               False        T2_DEV_OS_03
    Success               False        T1_PRD_OS_06
    Success               False        T2_LIN_ISO
    Success               False        T2_DEV_OS_04
    Success               False        T2_DEV_DATA_04
    Success               False        T1_PRD_DATA_06
    Success               False        T1_PRD_OS_07
    Success               False        T1_PRD_OS_05
    Success               False        T1_PRD_DATA_05
    Success               False        T2_DEV_DATA_03
    Success               False        T2_LIN_TEMPLATES
    Success               False        T1_PRD_OS_08
    Success               False        T1_PRD_OS_10
    Success               False        T1_PRD_OS_09

    I have also checked that agent proxy is enabled on all agents.

    What I have found interesting is that in the "Administrators" Tab under "Agentless Managed" the LinuxCluster is reported as "Healthy" but the "WindowsCluster" is reporting "Not Monitored"?

    Any suggestions for troubleshooting this?



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