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  • If you set a goal only to meet it and never exceed it, was it really a goal at all? Understanding the difference between the mind of the complacent and the mind of the entrepreneur is critical to self-acceleration and to identifying, within others, that rare talent gene called entrepreneur. 

    The entrepreneurial spirit and energy is at the root of any success and innovation. With USA Today and Gallup research revealing that as much as 71% of society, at any given time, is looking to perform the minimal of work product possible, while expecting the maximum of performance pay, it is no wonder that the entrepreneur has become the rarest among species!

    So what does the mind of the solo entrepreneur reveal? More can do with constructive stimulant references as opposed to negative and can’t impressions. It reveals the catalyst to wonderment, innovation (not imitation), advancement, and capital market generation. It shows a methodical Mental DNA blueprint to creation and a GPS for advancement. It also reveals, in many situations, a keen understanding of their lack of business acumen and therefore a continuing need for the businessmanag ement talent acquisition. The Mental DNA has a mystical axis, weighted disproportionality as an entrepreneurial AmeriCAN as opposed to the USATODAY/Gallup research of the newly shaped AmeriCANT.

    So, what are some of the Mental DNA characteristics of an entrepreneur mind?

    Creative approaches to the obvious, which reveal alternate pathways to and beyond a goal.

    Results oriented responsiveness to market needs, demands, and foresight to needs yet revealed.

    Attitude of victory, champion of optimism, and a self-belief that radiates out and becomes contagious to others to want to associate with calling and cause. This Attitude makes it possible to continuously drive for gains in Aptitude to unleash their solo entrepreneurial abilities, where others remain mystified. Zest for the unknown and a belief in possibilities, a sense of urgency to leverage, capitalize and execute ROI. Their passion feeds their mind to assume ownership in finding connectivity where others do not, and continuously explore Application opportunities to learn, apply, and advance. Yearning to see the best in people, organizations, and distribution channels and deliverables to advance any situation in life. You will find that the solo entrepreneurs surround themselves virtually and literally with like-minded challengers and advocates, which fuels their sense of CRAZY as viewed through the lens of outsiders. Yet keeping a balance to allow productive ROI for right now and evolving ROI of tomorrow. The real CRAZY mind of the solo entrepreneur is really about understanding the “Player Capability Index™” as the mental architecture for life long development? Over the past two decades, through working with clients ranging from NASA and the DoD to HarleyDavidson and Farm Credit Services banking groups, to the National GUARD and NASBA, I have learned that understanding the human capital talent within an entrepreneur or institutional employee, comes down to a simple matrix I have designed and call “The Player Capability Index.” Your ability to understand objectively within yourself and others the depth of what each “letter” represents will directly connect you to the entrepreneurial energy and capacity of a person. The letters reveal the now and reveals what contributions may need to be calibrated into a person to enable them to function ahead of market needs tomorrow. The formula: C = (T2+A+P+E+C) E2 x R = R R = Results Starting on the right side of the equation, the last letter in the formula represents Results, any output or ROI desired. So how do you get to that R, you must objectively and thoroughly understand the chemistry of the C at the opposite left side of the equation.  C = Capability Capability is the driver of the solo entrepreneur that enables significant results to be continuously generated. The greater the depth of any and every subsequent letter enables the Results, conversely for the complacent among us, it is their diminished desire to not draw upon any lettered capability driver nor their desire to add any real-time relevant depth to any lettered category that serves as the cancer to entrepreneurialism. So the letters within then parenthesis drive the Capability level. T2 = Training Traning as represented by any deliverable of knowledge, whether, formal or informal education, technical or non-technical education, certification driven or simple the OTJ knowledge acquisition. The number two adjacent to the C simply reminds you of two applications of the T, one is for total T gained from birth to present tense so T1 is Past tense Training and the T2 would be for Future tense train- Professional I 31 ing needs. Entrepreneurs are always seeking more T acquisition! A = Attitude Attitude that projects winner and not whiner. P = Performance Performance reflective of past accomplishments, records, participations, leadership and follower positions that would serve as a mental imprint of self-belief and awareness of what can be done. E = Experiences Experiences from birth to present tense are enormous windows through which entrepreneurs see themselves and from which one can draw strategically from for entrepreneur Results. C = Culture Culture awareness and upbringing also calibrate performance and self-worth, what you know you can draw upon, what you know you can manage. But what you fail to recognize may be the driver of results or implosion. E2 = Expectations Expectiations calibrate what rally shows p, the entrepreneur or the complacent individual. The first interpretation of E is yours, how you see yourself calibrates whether you bring you’re a-Game or B-Game to the show. And the second E is the other persons E of you. Knowing the two and calibrating them together allows for entrepreneurial effectiveness.  R = Relationships Relationships that a person has can serve as the multiplier to the entire formula and that is how entrepreneurs leverage everything. Or sadly for far too many today their entrepreneurial energy is snuffed out because of the ever-increasing circle of negative influencers and stimulants around them. If you set a goal only to find that you can easily exceed it, was it really a goal at all? Understanding the solo entrepreneur mind and how to singularly take control of your destiny by inventing an ever-growing “Player Capability Index” is the DNA that CRAZY is made from! Jeff Magee (Ph.D., PDM, CSP, CMC) is the “Thought Leader’s Leader.” Jeff is the publisher of PERFORMANCE360 Magazine , Editor of Performance Execution and Performance Driven Selling Blogs, a nationally syndicated Radio Talk Show Host , as well as a published author of many books including Performance Execution and The Managerial-Leadership Bible. He is also a columnist and motivational-leadership speaker. The recipient of the USJC TOYA Award and the United States he is one of the most imopactful sought after Keynoter’s in the World today

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