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  • Hi to Everyone. I'm downloading RC right now. (I don't know if these features are present or not)

    Wishlist: Add Pause to serch, Windows 7 Bootable Wizard in order to create a bootable Live DVD, add MD5 etc verify, add windiff verify to mastered DVD, Windows RAMDRIVE especially for 64 bit version, Windows Update Backup for reinstallation and Service Pack slipstreaming tool, CPU tuning Wizard, Cache tuning Wizard, Windows controlled by Internet explorer throught a local site, virtual agents ( I'm sorry for MS agent ) like this http://www.vrconsulting.it/vhf/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=446, Add in control panel the possibility to associate to any events not only sounds but also videos and/or any script ( I would like to program MS Agent with M.A.S.H and associate It to any Windows event I wanted but now It isn't possible ), Windows Network CPU (if my CPU isn't powerfull enought I would like to use idle time of other CPU in my network for the Windows I use), Windows Recovery Wizard from external HD with 1 click, Hardware check with automatic defective RAM addresses/HD clusters exclusion, USB Slow RAM and so on... There are hundreds of features I would like to be included into a fresh installation of Windows... Timeout Windows Wizard... File defrag, Registry Defrag etc.

    Everytime I use Windows there are always features that are missing. I'm very sorry about this. I thought that in 2009 a Virtual Human Interface would add a personality to Windows and that any Windows events could be linked to a Living Windows 3D World by unifyng Windows+UVHI+Videogames Worlds Like.
    A.I.V.O.S.= Artificial Intelligence Videogame Operating System. For example if I install Office In Windows 3D World on my desktop a 3D office building is built with a virtual agent. I can speak to It and It can do everything related to Office World. Windows can still work in classic mode but also in this one with two monitors: one for classic view and the other one with 3D live Windows View where the soul of the OS is represented by a good virtual agent with whom I can speak without the need to use still keyboard and mouse except when necessary of course. Since Windows 3.1 It didn't change too much after all. I have to do always with cold and boring machines. And now that Bill retired I don't know if anyone is able to do It and When. Hi.
    Tuesday, May 19, 2009 8:43 AM

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  • Hey! i actually like that...artificial intelligence integrated in windows. if this can be done, i think windows 7 would be a hit. but i doubt the time frame is adequate to create such. at least we're having voice tags a.k.a speech recognition
    Wednesday, May 20, 2009 1:35 AM
  • Hi. http://www.tgdaily.com/content/view/41600/113/ "Laura requires a top-of-the-line chip with eight processor cores to handle all of the artificial intelligence and graphics work needed to give the system a somewhat lifelike appearance and function. Such a chip would normally sit inside a server in a company's data center." A computer like this would be ok ... Instead of paying a secretary :D http://www.cray.com/products/CX1.aspx Hi.
    Monday, June 1, 2009 6:39 PM
  • Wishlist - other Windows features:
    1) pause/automatic pause (during hd stress) in search windows for example
    2) Automatic winsock repair without the need to do It manually (after spyware removing)
    3) Automatic email sender with usefull information in order to locate the stolen pc (if option is manually enabled). GPS and other devices can be used if available. 4) Automatic number of connection allowed 5) Friendly warning messages linked to wininternals tools (if installed) 6) Dynamic automatic TCP optimization utility 7) Provider diagnostic 8) Windows 7 Live boot option (iso on usb key) 9) Hardware failure tolerance tool with graphical report
    10) Windows Robot tool in order to automatize complex operations with the possibility to link them to any virtual agents 11) Windows Game helper in order to automatically download any help related to any Windows Game. If possible an ingame agent for helping (if enabled) 12) Windows Registry default tool in order to reset any registry manual modification 13) Windows File, Process, network all in one tool (wininternals all in one tool to monitor windows with one tool) linked to virtual agents and/or speech engine 14) Windows Log friendly help tool linked to virtual agents 15) Windows 7 mobile device linked to Windows 7 (unique) in order to monitor Windows 7 (fingerprint + Health Card) 15) Privacy and legal Tool (automatic legal informations related to Licenses, security etc)
    16) Windows AI programming tool (AIML files linked to windows events with the possibility to create a more and more complex AI files to control windows)
    17) Close all tray icon tool 18) Windows RAMDRIVE tool + Virtual machine in order to run Windows totally in RAM (64 bit OS and a lot of RAM) like this:
    http://ww.blueenergy.altervista.org/vmwareram.html 18) Power failure diagnostic tool in order to help discovering hardware issues due to power failures
    19) License and Guarantee Tool: Assistance and guarantee I have right to (software and hardware with contact links)
    20) Windows 7 sitter (An AI tool that does all the work in order to help Windows (It uses all above software) with human help if necessary
    21) Windows 7 Tamagochi (on my cell a virtual agent let me know how well Windows 7 feels: If a virus is present on my PC my virtual agent is ill, if the antivirus eliminates the virus a nurse appears on my cell phone, gives the medicine to my virtual agents and It is helty again (at least It is funny and I know that my PC is ok now). Then If I want I can start a complete virus scan (It can be displayed as a day hospital...)
    22) I look forward to use this with Windows:  http://www.vrconsulting.it/vhf/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=906

    Friday, November 13, 2009 9:38 AM
  • Hi.

    Speaking about interfaces, I was downloading Windows 8 Trial before stopping its download.

    How can I change Windows 8 interface in order to make It appear like Windows 7 in the simplest way?

    I don't like Metro interface for Desktop PCs.

    Not taking into consideration Windows Server, I wonder why Windows Xp is good(+1), Windows Vista is slow(-1),

    Windows 7 is good(+1) and Windows 8 Metro interface is not ok for a desktop PC(-1).

    It seems that there is a good os every two until now.

    I expect a customizable solid hologram (by using programs like DAZ 3D studio) with a programmable personality as an interface for Windows in the next future.

    I want to speak to It. Nothing less.

    Without Bill Gates Microsoft lost his soul after all.


    Friday, September 7, 2012 7:17 PM