Storage Spaces Gone - shows all my drives as "retired" despite them being healthy in CrystalDiskInfo RRS feed

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  • As the title suggests, but some background.

    I have Used Storage spaces for about 4 years with 4 x 3TB Seagate NAS hard-drives

    Moved house over the weekend and reconnected the computer to the network and it worked fine last night.

    Today however the Virtual Storage Space drive is gone but can be found in "manage storage spaces" with the error "inaccessible; check the Physical drives section"

    In the physical drives section:

    -Each drive shows up as attached, % used, Providing its capacity with - "Error, Retired; add a drive then remove this drive"

    It shows the same for all 4 drives.

    How do I fix this. Surely not all 4 drives died overnight. There have been no power surges overnight and the computer itself seems fine otherwise.


    The CrystalDiskInfo when done said all the drives were Healthy.

    I cannot see them in Disk Management - only in Device Manager

     In Get -PhysicalDisk:

    Each drive has the following info:

    CanPool: False, OperationalStatus: {Failed Media, IO Error, OK], HealthStatus: Unhealthy, Usage: Retired


    In Get-StoragePool it shows two different FriendlyNames:


    Operational Status: OK, HealthStatus: Healthy, IsPrimordial: True, IsReadOnly: False, Size: 10.97TB, AllocatedSize: 10.92TB

    Storage Pool:

    Operational Status: Read-Only, HealthStatus: Unhealthy, IsPrimordial: False, IsReadOnly: False, Size: 10.91TB, AllocatedSize: 10.78TB


    In Get-VirtualDisk:

    FriendlyName: Storage Spaces, Resiliency: Parity, FaultDomain: 1, OperationalStatus: Detached, HealthStatus: Unhealthy, Size: 7.27TB, Footprintonpool: 10.78TB, StorageEffeciency: 66.66%

    Sunday, February 23, 2020 1:06 AM

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