SIP Problem - Mediation isn't call to Siemens HiPath 3000 RRS feed

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  • Hi all,

    I`ve problems to forward and receive calls from a Siemens Hipath PBX (Sip).

    Below, errors generated by mediation server:

    Calling OCS to PBX (Internal or External)

    TL_ERROR(TF_PROTOCOL) [0]0968.025C::02/17/2010-09:05:53.944.000009e7 (MediationServer,GatewayCall.GatewayParticipateComplete:gatewaycall.cs(1014))( 00000000016DB312 )$$START-MEDIATIONSERVER
    MediationCall: 7feb14944bc24767a78b9ed5d41aabdf
    CallId: 81e4668c-f828-4c73-9715-9ddd9961962f
    From: sip:+498982010334@BVGMS208.BVGM.local;user=phone
    To: sip:+498982010210@;user=phone
    Direction: Outbound
    Start-Line: FailureResponseException: ResponseCode=487 ResponseText=Request Terminated
    Microsoft.Rtc.Signaling.FailureResponseException: The operation has failed. See the exception's properties as well as the logs for additional information.
       bei Microsoft.Rtc.Signaling.SipAsyncResult`1.ThrowIfFailed()
       bei Microsoft.Rtc.Signaling.Helper.EndAsyncOperation[T](Object owner, IAsyncResult result)
       bei Microsoft.Rtc.Signaling.Helper.EndAsyncOperation[T](Object owner, IAsyncResult result, String operationId)
       bei Microsoft.Rtc.Signaling.SignalingSession.EndEnter(SipInviteAsyncResultWrapper asyncWrapper)
       bei Microsoft.RTC.MediationServerCore.GatewayCall.GatewayParticipateComplete(IAsyncResult ar)
       Detected bei System.Environment.get_StackTrace()
       bei Microsoft.Rtc.Signaling.FailureResponseException..ctor(String message, Exception innerException, SipResponseData responseData)
       bei Microsoft.Rtc.Signaling.RealTimeException.GetWrappedRealTimeException(String message, SipResponseData responseData, Exception exceptionToWrap)
       bei Microsoft.Rtc.Signaling.SipTransactionAsyncResult`1.ProcessFailureResponse(SipResponse response)
       bei Microsoft.Rtc.Signaling.SipInviteAsyncResult.ProcessFailureResponse(Object state)
       bei Microsoft.Rtc.Signaling.QueueWorkItemState.ExecuteWrappedMethod(WaitCallback method, Object state)
       bei System.Threading.ExecutionContext.Run(ExecutionContext executionContext, ContextCallback callback, Object state)
       bei System.Threading._ThreadPoolWaitCallback.PerformWaitCallbackInternal(_ThreadPoolWaitCallback tpWaitCallBack)
       bei System.Threading._ThreadPoolWaitCallback.PerformWaitCallback(Object state)

    At incoming Calls I get no Data at the Mediation-Server. It´s only busy...

    Anyone know what`s thsi kind of error means?



    Wednesday, February 17, 2010 9:36 AM

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  • Hi Julia
    The Siemens Hipath is not supported for a direct SIP connection to OCS. The list of current supported PBXs for direct SIP can be found here http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/office/ocs/bb735838.aspx

    A number of people have tried to do a direct SIP connection but I have not seen anyone report a success. Your best option is to purchase a SIP Gateway to connect the Siemens to OCS. The tested gateways are also on that page you should check which support the Siemens. I have seen Dialogic mentioned but I am sure Audiocodes, NET, Quintum etc will also support the Siemens.
    Chris Clark - | MCTS:OCS | MCSE | MCSA | CCNA
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    Wednesday, February 17, 2010 12:11 PM