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  • How do the effort-driven rules change for adding resources on manually scheduled task? In 2003/2007, online Help show this: "When you assign or remove people from a task , Microsoft Office Project 2003 lengthens or shortens the duration  of the task based on the number of resources assigned to it, but it does not change the total work for the task. This is called effort-driven scheduling and is the default Project uses when you assign resources to tasks. As resources are added to a task, the total work on the task stays the same. However, the amount of work distributed to the resources assigned to the task changes.Effort-driven scheduling only takes effect when resources are added to or removed from a task. Effort-driven calculation rules are not applied when you change work, duration, and unit values for resources already assigned to a task."


    But I don't think this is true for 2010 manual tasks. Effort-driven must be turned off for these tasks. For auto tasks, effot-drieven seems to be turned off my default. Is this a change from 2007?



    Monday, February 14, 2011 6:49 PM


  • Hi,

    Since Project does not recalculate start, finish nor duration of manually scheduled tasks, task type and effort driven do not apply and indeed, duration will not change when a resource is added and if duration can be interpreted (remember you can write anything in duration such as "longer than usual") work is recalculated.


    Monday, February 14, 2011 7:02 PM