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  • Hi all,

    the case is, i want to capture a problem which we had on some w2k12 R2 system when executing a sccm tasksequence.

    a simple batch is executed as a system user.

    The batch is as follows (from the troubleshooting book

    set PM=c:\rztools\sysinternalssuite\procmon.exe
    start "" %PM% /AcceptEula /quiet /minimized /backingfile c:\pik\log\procmon.pml
    %PM% /waitforidle


    set perlerror=%ERRORLEVEL%
    %PM% /terminate
    %PM% /terminate
    exit /B %perlerror%

    The problem is, that sometimes, procmon is started, produces its backingfile (30) and the batch does not come to the next step, or to the end.
    when i kill procmon on the system, the exe is executed. For me, there must be something with the start comand or with the /waitforidle comand.

    Because i have the backingfile of that situation, for what error should i look, i am not a procmon pro!

    Thursday, March 28, 2019 5:32 PM

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  • Hello together,

    for this one i found the error myself.

    I have to execute the second procmon also with the /ACCEPTEULA, the one with wait for idle.

    But now i have another problem, sometimes, i think overall 1% of executed code, not all procmon processes are killed by procmon /terminate. I have one situation, where the .pml file is only 32MB big.

    Wednesday, June 5, 2019 6:43 AM