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  • Hello,

    we have built a template for the schedule, and by clicking (in pwa) projects - new - name of the template, then fill in some defined custom fields and then save, we get a new project on pwa, with the schedule chosen from the template.

    Now, as i happens for many admins in the project world, there are some ideas about changing the schedule. Simple Example: They want to have the tasknames in a different language (we started in german, now they say we should have it in english). Another example: we have forgotten some task which are important.

    That´s clear: we can change the schedule/template, and for every new project which starts from now we have these changes.

    But we have already a "few" projects online (about 200) and the question is, what could be a smart way to have the changes. We are lucky because the schedules are not yet updated to the real world. The projects are online and the work which has been done is that for each project details page all the fields are filled in. That´s what we would loose if we say: new template and 200 times new project and 200 times fill in again the custom fields.

    How can we save this time?

    Is there a possibility to change the schedule, or to delete the existing schedule and fetch the new one? That would be great, but how does it work?

    If yes - there is a possibility - and in case if we would have already brought in the real schedule data - is there some intelligence available for the switch of the schedules? Example: if the schedule change is about the language topic, no new task, no less task, the new schedule/template is only a translated version of the old schedule - is the PWA able to match "task 1 german" with "task 1 english" and so on, and keeps the information of ressource, start/finish date and so on?

    Thanks for reading and your answers.

    Wednesday, August 15, 2018 3:09 PM

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  • Hi Olaf,

    Your options are really around cut and paste!  So you can open the existing project in MSP and delete all the task names (say the German ones) and paste in all the English ones.  You could do the same with the whole schedule, but of course if you have resources assigned then will loose the assignments (assuming that they aren't in the template; so the choice becomes yours.   

    Project is pretty cool with cut and paste, but as with any powerful tool, there are lot's of things that can catch you out!

    Ben Howard [MVP] | web | blog | book | downloads | P2O

    Thursday, August 16, 2018 5:57 AM