Assigning permissions to users in new domain


  • Dear All

    I am migrating PCs to a new domain subsequent name change for my company. Earlier Domain was Domain1 and all PCs used to log in to this domain.

    Now I have to take these PCs out of this domain and add them to new Domain  --- Domain2

    When users logon to this new Domain2 , they do not get access to the files and folders created when they were into Domain1.

    One has to go to the PC; login as administrator and change the security permissions of the files and folders and add the user with full control to the security settings.

    Is there any way available to automate this process by some group policy settings Or by running some scripts etc.

    There arfe about 500 users to be shifted from Domain1 to Domain2

    Friday, November 18, 2016 9:25 AM