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  • Hi, sorry if this is a newbie question I'm new to this but I've been reading a lot of blogs and tutorials but they all just go through the same steps which I had followed. It SEEMS to be working but I'm not sure if it's actually using UAG at all?

    My understanding is that I should be able to gain access to my internal Sharepoint server via UAG:

              client ----->internet ---> UAG --------> internal Sharepoint server

    But what I don't understand is that the setup requires the Sharepoint site to have a public host name - doesn't that defeat the whole purpose since the client could just bypass UAG and go to sharepoint.company.com directly??
    I thought I would be able to keep the Sharepoint server internal so the only means to access that would be to go thru UAG!??

    Here's my setup:

    UAG machine:    uagportal.company.com (I understand that should have a public IP for this but for the time being I'm testing this internally for now)

    Sharepoint app:
    web address:  sharepoint.local (also tried using IP
    http port:  80   (tried this with https but results are the same)
    public host name: sharepoint.company.com
    portal app url:  http://sharepoint.company.com

    Since my client is in the intranet, I added an entry in my hosts file to resolve the public host name: sharepoint.company.com uagportal.company.com

    When I access http://uagportal.company.com, I could see the portal and if I click on the sharepoint app it takes me to sharepoint.company.com which is really sharepoint.local. But I'm not sure if it's just going there directly since from Fiddler I see no difference between access the sharepoint server via UAG or direct.

    If I do not add the sharepoint.company.com entry, then I get an error because it could not find the site.
    I tried adding AAM on the sharepoint server but it didn't make any difference since since it's not resolving to the site.
    Wednesday, April 4, 2012 5:32 PM


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