Folder redirect works, but does not change Explorer Favorites path


  • My Domain had the Downloads folder, among other redirected to the local servers when I started here.  I don't really need people's downloads taking up my server and backups space, so I moved it back in a Test OU using the "Redirect to local user profile path" option in the GPO.

    It mostly works fine, in that it removes the Downloads folder from the server, and creates it in the local user profile on the C: drive, but in Windows Explorer under Favorites in the left pain, the Downloads folder keeps the old path on the Server as the target, so it does not work.  I assume this is how my users access most downloads, so that probably won't go over well.

    I searched for the target path on the server in the registry, but that path did not come up, so could not find a registry setting that I could change.

    Any idea how I can fix this so I can make the change go live?



    Edit:  I just figured out that when I click on Downloads under Favorites, it is actually pointing to c:\users\%userprofile%\Downloads.  However, when I right click the favorite Downloads and go to properties, it still shows the old redirected to the server path.  So actually my users might not notice.  I would still prefer to be able to change that path also, as it could cause confusion in the future.

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