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  • Good day to all.

    Couple of months ago we set up monthly backup of some folders from file server (physical server, OS Windows 2012 Standard) through System Center DPM 2012 R2 (physical server, OS Windows 2012 Standard) to Azure Cloud Backup. Size of protected data: approx 2 Tb.

    Protection group was configured to store 62 days of everyday local recovery points, 60 months of every month online recovery points, and 10 years of every year recovery points (yeah, much time).

    Protection group settings:
    Short-term retention range: 62 days
    Recovery points (files): 21:00 Everyday
    Online backup members: 1 of 1
    Online backup frequency: Monthly
    Online backup schedule: 1 Everymonth, 0:30
    Online retention range: 60 months (1 everymonth, 0:30); 10 years (1 of march, 0:30)

    Short-term backup works just fine: one full backup one time, and just synchronising and making incremental backups, so 62 recovery points of ~2Tb files and folder takes ~2,2Tb of backup storage; and every backup job finishes in 10-15 minutes. This is great.

    Online backup works not so fine: every first date of month making full backup; so - 4 recovery points takes ~8Tb of Azure Vault. Backup job takes days (!) to upload so much data.

    Question: is DPM / Azure online backup supports incremental backups? And how to configure Protection Group, to use incremental online backups?

    Tuesday, December 15, 2015 6:11 AM