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  • I'm using MSP 2010

    I'm creating a long term plan for my lab. I have four stations, and each one is a resource (station 1, etc.)

    When I create a new task I want to quickly see which stations are available to assign to that task. Right now I can only choose a station and then see if there is a conflict, and if so choose another station until I see no conflict.

    It would be easier if I could just quickly choose from the available stations for that time.


    Thursday, October 20, 2016 12:32 PM

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  • Ylevinson,

    I can only come up with a slightly involved process for getting close to what you want. What you basically want to know is the availability of a particular resource during a particular time period. The closest data for that is the resource % Allocation which is only available in the timescaled portion of the Task or Resource Usage views. So here is what you can do

    1. Open two views of the project by going to View/Window group/New window

    2. Then Arrange All

    3. In the upper project select the Gantt Chart view and in the lower project select Resource Usage with all assignment rows collapsed so only the resources appear

    4. Add the % Allocation data to the timescaled data part of the lower project

    5. Set the timescale of both projects to be the same to make it easier to see equivalent time frames in both projects

    As you select tasks in the Gantt Chart you can look at the % Allocation value for all resources during that same time frame to see which are available

    Don't like that approach? Then the only other option I can think of is some VBA to generate resource availability data and write that data into a task text field for each applicable task. It could get a bit complicated but it would work.

    If somebody has a better approach, I hope they will jump in.


    Thursday, October 20, 2016 2:42 PM
  • The stations are no different from any other work type resource. Work type resources can be people, machines, tools or "stations". Since they have a limited availability, when all used up on one task, there is no availability for another task scheduled at the same time. But MSP allows you to assign resources even when they are not available, they just become over-allocated.

    You have already noticed that it is not easy to check for a resource's availability before making any assignment. If it was necessary to check on a resource's availability before ever assigning a resource to a task, then the resource assignment would be so complicated a problem and so time consuming as to be practically impossible

    You only have 4 stations, but imagine a project which has 50 people, plus tools and machines and stations, all work type resources which will inevitably be over-allocated in any plan.

    That's what resource leveling is for. Assign the resources according to what is the right resource for the task, accept the over-allocation, and then level, which delays the tasks until the over-allocation goes away.
    Thursday, October 20, 2016 11:12 PM