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  • We have the following computers in our environment where we are deploying Windows 10:

    We purchased some new HP 800 G2 SFF desktops to deploy. The 800 G1 series had no issue with deployment at all, but the 800 G2 appeared to drop the network driver right after connecting to the Deployment Share. 

    I could go through and connect to the deployment share \\cxx\e$\deploymentshare fine - but when I attempted to log in with my admin login, it would say "invalid credentials the network location cannot be reached". After pressing F8 and typing net use \\cxx\e$\deploymentshare /user:admin1 <password> - same as what is specified in the .ini file:


    But it doesn't connect. ipconfig bring's up nothing, and pinging didn't do anything either. Latest drivers were grabbed from and uploaded to MDT but I hadn't updated the deployment share. 

    I ran the update for the deployment share yesterday, and it went through overnight. I've come in this morning and it's on this screen and has been for the past two hours:

    Is it just taking a very long time, or is it actually frozen/stuck? What can I do to nudge it along? And will updating the deployment share actually fix the issue? 


    Tuesday, April 19, 2016 11:22 PM

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  • Did a bit of digging around and had a look at this article:

    MDAC component fails being added to Windows PE

    This is a known bug with DISM; it is external to MDT. DISM can sometimes fail to add the MDAC component to WinPE boot images. This seems to be a timing issue which most commonly occur when you are using SSD disks.


    • Remove MDAC. On the deployment share properties, Windows PE tab, Features subtab, uncheck Microsoft Data Access Components (MDAC/ADO) support.
    • If you need MDAC for database connectivity, you can try updating your boot images from a system where the %TMP% directory is located on a non-SSD drive. This is not a guaranteed workaround, but has been seen to work.

    NOTE: we are also aware of reports of similar issues regarding Windows PowerShell and WMI components in Windows PE (as well as some functional issues with these components). We have not been able to reproduce these issues, and are working with the Windows team to investigate further. If you have a reproducible issue with these components in Windows PE, please open a case with Microsoft Support to troubleshoot.

    Stopped the process, and regenerated the images:

    It's now hanging on this part of the cleanup process. It has been like this for an hour. Not sure if frozen or just taking a long time... 

    [Update] Ended up Restarting the Process and it's stuck in the exact same spot as last time:

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    Wednesday, April 20, 2016 3:58 AM
  • Which version of the ADK are you using?

    Friday, April 22, 2016 8:19 PM
  • Yuck, it's possible that you have some open handles somewhere blocking the update.

    Reboot the machine.

    Make sure you have the Latest ADK installed build 10586 (not the 10240) version.

    You may also need to purge some of the extra files and folders from the %temp%\ directory (sorry).


    Keith Garner - Principal Consultant [owner] -

    Tuesday, April 26, 2016 4:58 AM