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  • This is the first time I've had to accomplish this 

    I have a dev server where I restore a backup from 2 weeks ago to http://devserver/pwa

    My team has asked for a restore from 2 weeks + 1 day to http://devserver:99/pwa - I've tried deleting site collections, tried several other ways of doing the restore; however, during the mount-spdatabase I get only 1 site to come back (pwa)  but it doesnt show in the site list

    The enumallwebs shows the following (notice the in sitemap)

    stsadm -o enumallwebs -databasename content_database  

    databse site count 1
    <site ID = random characters > <owner = farmguy> <In sitemap = False>
    Web count = 235

    I believe/know the issue deals with the same site ID being on the first pwa site; however when I try to do a Mount-SPContentDatabase content-database -WebApplication "http://dev:99" -AssignNewDatabaseID I still get the same issues - new database ID but still same site ID for the "dev/pwa" site database

    Is there anyway to clone (yes I've seen the other articles) or have two sites with the same data?

    I've also thought about trying to export the stsadm enumallwebs data and copying that to a new PWA site but have been unsuccessful in the export (or even finding a way to do it)

    Can I get any ideas on how to either

    1) Change the site ID from a database backup/restore
    2) Restore a PWA site to the same server/database server 
    3) other ideas?

    My team members would like to do a comparison of the two dates between a project to check for differences (I just found out about FluentPro Audit Lite Pro)  

    Any and all suggestions would be appreciated... 

    Thank you 

    Monday, August 25, 2014 7:43 PM

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  • HI

    The only option to change the site collection ID is by export and import. From the above mentioned it looks like you are trying to export and imports the "workspaces".

    1. Try export and importing the entire site collection itself.

    2. Use this site collection to provision the PWA.

    Monday, August 25, 2014 8:07 PM
  • Just to clarify - 

    Mount the Content database - then export it 

    Provision a new pwa - then import it to the new PWA?

    If this is incorrect could you go a little more into detail about what you are suggesting?  

    I appreciate your answer 

    Thank you 

    Monday, August 25, 2014 8:16 PM
  • I'm still experiencing issues

    I tried the following ( by recovering the data from an unattached Database (I also did the site collection backup)

    1) Trying to do an Import-SPWeb but this was unsuccessful

    created a web application 99 -> provisioned a pwa with the old databases -> data appear in project center but when you click on the sites it gives an error message

    created a web application 99 -> create a site collection -> provisioned a pwa with the old databases -> data appear in project center but when you click on the sites it gives an error message - same as above

    the below while it held promise it didnt work for going against a separate port... using the data from an unattached content database export (link above)
    also reference ( 

    2) Tried to do a SPSite Restore and it ends up deleting the provisioned PWA and still appears to be there but no PWA soo 

    3) removing the ophaned PWA site ( wont help since it will remove the PWA sites/subsites from the content database I want

    4) I'm still unsure how to approach what Krishnp stated... unless #2 was his approach


    Any other help would be greatly appreciated - I'm trying everything it's time consuming since the backup files take over an hour to restore to a site - while it is faster to do the original when its just one content database/4 pwa databases... 

    I've read its possible to do to different ports (of course I closed the page) but I have only seen one post point it out 

    thanks again 

    Tuesday, August 26, 2014 4:26 PM