Show outlook calendar for distribution groups fails, when more than 100 members. RRS feed

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  • When we add distrubution groups to the calendar in outlook.

    For easy overview, of all the employees.
    It works very well, until the distribution group reach 100 members. 
    Outlook calendar can only show 30 members at one time, and that is fine.
    But when the distribution group is lager than 100, it simply fails to add any of the member in the calendar.
    It just return a fail.
    (I have done a lot of tests, and it is when the group reach more that 100 members the problem occour. When I started investigating the problem, I thought it was specific users that was causing the problem)

    This guy descripe the problem, exactly as mine, but I don't think the answer for the problem is correct.

    The pictures and error description is in danish, please use translate, to see in english.
    I belive the problem is, that there is a hidden limit in outlook, that don't allow to add groups with more than 100 members.
    This problem only occour in outlook calendar, there is no problem, when sending a mail to the distrubition group.
    It is not possible to use distrubution groups frem OWA calendar, so the problem can only be seen with outlook client.

    I would like to change the limit, so all distribution list, is add'able, nomatter how many people are in the list.

    Error code from eventviewer:

    Microsoft Outlook
    Denne gruppe kan ikke åbnes. Du kan få flere oplysninger ved at kontakte Microsoft Exchange Server-administratoren.
    P1: 302080
    P2: 16.0.9029.2167
    P4: 0x80040403

    I have added 3 pictures:
    1. showing a group of 97 members.!ArGJKYGuskl5b3rIfi_jIMJnMUw

    2. Showing a group of more than 100 Members (238 excatly):!ArGJKYGuskl5cLiqLQVD06SUyo0

    3. Error message from eventviewer after trying to show the group with more than 100 members.!ArGJKYGuskl5ca3OReL4YRTLEKY

    Friday, March 23, 2018 9:54 AM

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  • It seems to me you're simply hitting some hard-coded limit. You really need 100 calendars at the same time?! :)
    Friday, March 23, 2018 7:16 PM