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  • Hello all,

    I have a strange problem with my PC. I have a notebook of the type NovaBook XLerator II. I am running Windows Vista Home Premium 64 bit bit now, but I have tried with Windows Vista Ultimate 32 also, and got the same problems. I have seen problems mentioned on these fora which resemble mine to a certain extent; however, they are not quite the same - therefore this new thread.

    The problem is that chkdsk runs frequently on drive C: at boot. It starts with the message "One of your drives needs to be checked for consistency...". Then it gives me 10 seconds to bypass the check, although it recommends to continue.

    I let it continue, and typically it finds lost files, index errors, and corrects errors in the disk unit's bitmap. It specifically reports about "$I30" errors which it also tries to correct.

    First, I thought that the problem was the disk itself - so I bought a completely new one - but the problem remains. Over time, the system degrades gradually until I finally have to re-install everything again.

    I have also tried to prevent the automatic chkdsk at boot - to no avail. The chkdsk is not run, but the system still continually degrades until it has to be re-installed.

    From the System Information text, this main section can be read (I'm sorry that the information on my system is in Danish - however, I have tried to translate the descriptions into English as well as I can):


    The System Information Report is written: 11/29/09 14:35:56
    Systemname NOVABOOK

    [System Information]

    Element Value 
    OS-name Microsoft® Windows Vista™ Home Premium 
    Version 6.0.6000 Build 6000 
    Other OS-description N/A
    OS-producer Microsoft Corporation 
    Systemname NOVABOOK 
    Systemproducer Clevo Co. 
    Systemmodel M570RU 
    Systemtype x64-based PC 
    Processor Intel(R) Core(TM)2 Duo CPU     T8300  @ 2.40GHz, 2401 Mhz, 2 Kerne(r), 2 Logical processor(s) 
    BIOS-version/date Phoenix SROSA001.86C., 16-08-2007 
    SMBIOS-version 2.4 
    Windows-folder C:\Windows 
    System-folder C:\Windows\system32 
    Startunit \Device\HarddiskVolume1 
    Countrystandard Danmark 
    Abstractionlayer for hardware Version = "6.0.6000.16407" 
    Username NovaBook\Administrator 
    Timezone Rom, normaltime 
    Total physical memory 4.093,63 MB 
    Available fysisk memory 1,93 GB 
    Virtual memory i alt 8,16 GB 
    Available virtual memory 6,03 GB 
    Space for paging file 4,29 GB 
    Paging file C:\pagefile.sys 


    The harddisk is a 500Gb Hitachi drive. I have tried to use it as one big drive, as well as partitioned in 2 - the problem prevails.

    Here is the current configuration:



    Element Value 
    Drive C: 
    Description Local Fixed Disk 
    Compressed No 
    Filesystem NTFS 
    Size 292,97 GB (314.572.795.904 byte) 
    Available space 200,26 GB (215.030.935.552 byte) 
    Unit serialnumber FA087A1B 
    Drive D: 
    Description Local Fixed Disk 
    Compressed No 
    Filesystem NTFS 
    Size 172,79 GB (185.532.936.192 byte) 
    Available space 165,36 GB (177.554.341.888 byte) 
    Unit serialnumber 22844BAA 


    I have the complete system report available to anyone who would like to see it.

    I thought that the problem had something to do with a need for updated drivers; but when searching for new drivers, I always just get the message that the drivers in my PC are up-to-date.

    All sorts of hardware checks have been run on all system parts (Disks, Mainboard, Memory, etc. All tests report Ok).

    One clue might be that the typical times where the chkdsk is run at boot is when some very heavy file operations have been going on - t.ex. when a major Windows Update has been run, or I have worked with large files (graphical etc.).

    I hope that someone will be able to help - thanks in advance.

    Best regards,


    Sunday, November 29, 2009 3:25 PM