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    Tim Griffin wrote the followg thread about this. I did exactly like he said - then restarted my computer and everything is working great!! See the section in Red.


    SoundMAX Integrated Digital HD Audio – Here is a Vista Upgrade Fix that worked for me !!!


    I too had the NO SOUND issue and it was driving me crazy . I read several post here about the sound problem. I too had a red X by my speaker icon and no sound. I downloaded the driver several times for SoundMAX Integrated Digital HD Audio. It did no good; my system would not recognize the driver. The error message from the red X continued to say I had no Audio device loaded. Rrrrrrrrr!


    I called HP support. After an hour and a half and three Indian foreign specialist, I was told that they knew of the problem and it was a Microsoft support issue, not their HP machine.  They stated that there was not yet a driver out for Vista. Go figure huh? You gotta love those Indian guys.     “tank you vedy much”.


    I went to the driver section so I could look at the list to draw from. I chose the “Browse for driver software on your computer”. When I went to that screen, instead of hitting the browse button I chose the option below called “Let me pick from a list of device drivers”. When I was brought to the next screen there were two drivers to choose from. I saw my driver and tried that one. Rats, it still did not solve the problem. I repeated the steps above and chose the other driver instead, I chose the

    ‘High Definition Audio device”.  I got a warning that it was not a correct copy and it might cause instability I figured this was the driver for the HDTV devise but I chose it anyway. The red x went away from my speaker icon which was progress but still no sound.


    I then repeated the steps aboveproceeded to  RE-LOADED my SoundMAX Integrated Digital HD Audio driver. The system told me to reboot. I did… and gentlemen, I had sound. My music never sounded so good.


    I believe the problem is that if your system thinks you have the correct driver, it does not reload it. But by changing drivers then going back to the original driver, it forced the system to re-load it. Who knows, after all, I am not a certified geek (Just a closet geek).


    Your mileage may vary.



    Tuesday, March 11, 2008 8:00 PM