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  • Can anyone point me to an example of a MS SRS 2005 custom assembly reading from the registry?  We have had this issue on/off for several months, and we are at the breaking point.  The assembly has to access our database and we want to store the connection information in the registry for shared use with other components.

    The network admins assure us that all users have read access to the registry.  It appears that we have granted our assembly fulltrust via entries in the rs srs policy file.  For a while were were using MS SRS 2000 and a temp work-around was to disable Code Access Security (CAS).  We have since upgraded to MS SRS 2005 and that work-around does not appear to work anymore as our admin cannot seem to turn-off CAS (not that that is the solution we want).  Our code appears to fail when we assert read permission on our registry key.

    We're no longer in a trial-and-error approach to solving this.  We've spent way too long on something that, in our opinion, should be fairly simple.  A working example of a custom assembly, including policy file entiries, that reads string values from the registry would be very welcome.

    Any help would be appreciated.


    Wednesday, July 5, 2006 1:33 PM