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  • I've got Skype for business 2016 recently installed on Windows 10 (part of O365 install) on our company domain. I just installed Skype for business on my iphone (fully udpated). Can you tell me if this is normal for skype to behave the way I have observed?

    1. IMs rarely go to both devices at the same time. (I expected if I have both open, IMs will go to both at the same time)

    2. Occasionally IMs go to my phone even though I have skype for business open at my desk. (?) or vice versa-- sometimes I am mobile with my phone and find out later someone sent a skype IM and it reached my desktop's skype but not my phone., I often don't discover this until an email informs me later that I missed a conversation.

    3. IMs that don't go to both devices at the same time (which is almost always), never sync back with the other.

    To me it seems like IMs in general go to the skype that is open and in focus, but I would have expected the IMs to sync to both once either is opened

    Tuesday, December 3, 2019 6:30 PM

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