User Profile deleted and added from server, no longer accessible through PC that is connected to the network. PC Locked out


  • My problem is simple.  Accidentally deleted User Profile from Windows 2008 server.  In doing so, the end user w/that user profile has been locked out of the PC that is logged in and connected to the network.  Only 2 administrators on the PC, the user profile that has since been deleted and no longer allowed entry to the PC, and the built in administrator that shows "Your account has been disabled. Please see your system administrator."  I have recreated another user profile on windows server with the same credentials, and tried logging in to the PC that way, and all it did was create another user profile on the local machine which doesn't have administrator rights.  I have a way of transferring the user profile settings that was previously deleted, but need admin rights.  I have tried to boot safe mode under the only account that allows me to log in(new one with no admin rights), and fix the administrator lock out issue with no luck, all it says is access denied.

    Question is, how do I gain access to the administrator account and enabling it from "account is disabled" in safe mode when i dont have another administrator account that will allow those changes to be made?

    Monday, October 28, 2013 10:34 PM