Unable to resolve netbios name during AD RMS installation. RRS feed

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  • Recently we did a system migration from Windows 2000 server to Windows 2003 server to Windows 2008 server. After the migration was completed, we are able to join workstations to the domain, promote and demote DCs, but then we hit a snag in installing AD RMS. 

    During installation, it cannot resolve our netbios domain name. When we enter this:


    we get this:


    It is able to resolve domain.com\rmssvc, though the installation fails at a later stage because it claims there is insufficient rights to configure the database.

    I prepared 2 accounts for the AD RMS installation as per the articles.

    • rmsadmin (Enterprise Admin, local administrator group, Domain User) for installing the role.
    • rmssvc (service account, Domain User, no other rights) as outlined by the article.

    The server I am installing on is a member server of my test environment which I have cloned from our production one. My issues are as below:

    • In the installation process, the wizard only recognises domain.com\user, and not domain\user. I am unable to find out why this is so.
    • When adding the service account as domain\user, i get the error that is shown above.
    • The error states that the account does not have permissions to query AD DS. What other permissions do I need to configure for the accounts?
    • I am told that this issue is happening because the DNS is not configured properly, but there are no errors indicated in Eventvwr, and as far as I know, the DNS is working properly. I ran dcdiag and passed all the tests. Any suggestions where I can start finding out what is wrong?

    Please let me know if you guys need any information. 

    Thank you.

    Wednesday, February 29, 2012 4:34 AM