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  • Hi,

    I have been having Major problems with my machine,

    I have tryed almost everything i can think and none seems to work,

    If no one has a solution not to worrie its being collected on Wednesday for repairs.

    But if i can fix it, Will help my knoledge and get me back to work faster )

    Ok, i have a Medion Laptop Model Number: WIM 2120 Notebook PC

    120 GB Hardrive,

    1.66 GHZ

    1 GB ram,

    Intel Something or other (sorry for little specs, i have had this a whole 2 weeks)

    Its Got windows Vista Home Preimum on it, (or well did have)

    I was away working and installed a Download Manager (being on wireless and dropping connection)

    Installed and asked me to Resart. so i did,

    It booted up to the Windows Loading boot Screen then a blue screen flashed and resarted.

    I tryed again and again in safe mode, Last good knowen Config etc etc all the Options and stilll restarts, I cannot say what the error messege is it flashed of to fast.

    So for a long shot i tryed to use the back up disk, this failed, I kept getting the following error messege.

    Windows Failed to start, Rectent Hardware or Software change might be the cause. to fix this problem:

    Insert CD resart follow options etc etc ( well i done this and i kept getting this messege)

    Below it goves some details of the error Messege

    File: NDIS.SYS

    Status: OxcOOO0098

    Info: Windows failed to load because a required file is missing, or Corrupt.

    I tryed everything, I could not even Format this to, as this comes up before i get the options to format or reinstall windows.

    Long shot, i tryed XP Pro and see if i could get into Format screen, Loads all drives, then a blue screen comes up, with a Error messege.

    (i dont have the report from this as i was anoyed and the lappy was about to go out the windows

    One last long shot, i have windows 98 Os Disk, and remebered It had norton Ghost so it would wipe everything and copy files over from the 98 disk,

    Super, i have a laptop in windows 98, then i hoped to be able to installed XP or Vista,

    Still no chnage, Will not let me install XP i get and Error from the blue screen, And vista i have to upgrade windows to install it,

    (i tryed both of these booting up from CD at boot up, Also tryed both in Windows 98 and failes both around)

    So am stuck in 98 and cannot install any other OS,

    When i try and installl vista from boot up i still get this NDIS.SYS missing or currpted messege,

    I have looked high and low and now answer, can anyone point me in the right direction or possible help me please,




    P.s. I cannot reinstall windows.

    when i put the CD in and try booting fromt he CD for the Menue to Reinstall or Format it crashes out with the errors above, I am unable to get into windows.

     Please anyone can help?



    Sunday, April 8, 2007 4:49 PM