Where do I post about an XP legal (copyright) issue? RRS feed

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  • my laptop (my only usable pc right now) had the HD die, and I am trying to get a replacement used. Someone offered me a used HD from a laptop they no longer use, it has a legitimate copy of xp pro that came on that HD when they bought the laptop new. They have since upgraded to a newer PC with Vista, and as they do not use that older HD with XP pro, so they offered it to me free to replace my broken HD. I met this person via freecycle, but then the Admin of the group stepped in and deleted my post, accused me of attempting to pirate software, and threatened to boot me from the freecycle group.

    I was under the impression that in a situation like this, it was legal to give someone an unused legitimate copy of an older version of windows without it violating any copyright laws or violating microsoft EULA or anything else. Am I right or wrong, and where would I post about this?
    Monday, August 31, 2009 7:21 AM


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