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  • Hi there,

    as the title already indicates, I desperately need some advice on the boot order during an MDT offline media deployment on a physical machine.

    Using MDT, I have built a flawless deployment of Windows 10 1703 x64 that provisions the system with the necessary components. In a VM (Hyper-V) the deployment worked perfectly fine using offline media (ISO).

    Now I wanted to do the same on several physical machines, but the after the first planned restart (there are a couple of restarts during deployment, you know) the error occurs. Depending on what is set as boot priority, there will be different outcomes:

    - If media is set first as boot device, the deployment will start all over resulting in a "Dirty Environment" error; which makes sense since BIOS/EFI will always boot the MDT setup first, regardless of progress.


    - nothing will happen after initiating a one-time-only boot from the offline media. In this case HDD or nothing at all is set as the first boot device. The screen stays black and MDT setup will not continue.

    So, in which order do I have to arrange the available boot devices?

    During standard Windows installations, the setup will automatically set "Windows Boot Manager" as 1st boot device after the setup's first restart, but not so in MDT offline media scenarios.

    There are some "obscure" ideas of removing and re-insterting the offline media during deployment, but that's not the purpose of Lite Touch deployments - I cannot supervise the deployment process the whole time.

    I would greatly appreciate any solutions for this problem!



    Friday, September 22, 2017 10:32 PM

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