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  • I was directed to post my question here, rather than in the Word forum of Microsoft Answers; so hopefully somone here will have the answer!

    Several years ago, one of our managers created a number of word templates to be used for our various projects.  Some of these templates have been used to create still other templates.  All are located in a template directory on our file server.  We installed a new server last week, and migrated over to the new server.  Now the problems begin...

    Although File Locations under Word options are set to the correct path using mapped drive letters, when trying to open any existing documents that were created from one of our templates, Word begins searching via UNC for the location on the old server.  It can take up to 10 minutes before open the file finally opens, without locating the template.  Once inside the file, we are able to change the template location under Templates and Add-ins; but to go through and make this change on a by-file basis would be extrremely time consuming; especially given the fact that it takes so long just to open each file in in the first place! 

    Does anyone know of a way to make a global change that would stop, or at least overide Word from searching for the old server?  Is there maybe be a switch that would suppress it from searching for the template?

    • Although I describe the problem as it occurs in Word 2010, Word 2003 does the same thing.
    • Office versions are Professional Plus 2010 and 2003 Pro 
    • Workstation OS is XP Pro, SP3
    • Old Server platform was 2003 new is 2008

    For the record, Microsoft Word is not installed on the server; it is installed locally on the computer.  There were some common templates stored on the server, and any documents that were created with those templates are now causing a problem, regardless of where they reside. .. 

    Thanks in advance - any help is greatly appreciated!!!  :)


    Tuesday, July 12, 2011 6:04 PM