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  • Hi,

    Please add to your official domain list of flash supported websites for specifically modern IE10 on Windows RT, because it should work without any problem. Thank you.



    Tuesday, February 5, 2013 5:11 AM


  • Hi,

    these are peer to peer support forums sponsored and administered by MSFT... we do not work for nor represent MS...

    you will find the links to contact the IETeam to have your site included in the CVL lists (I assume for all versions) on this link Understanding the Compatibility View Lists

    However you can do the same by just adding the x-ua meta or the x-ua server headers.

    see Defining Document Compatibility

    you are already using the EmulateIE7 x-ua meta...

    here is the report from that outlines the steps you need to take to remove the x-ua meta and make your site render in standards mode in all IE versions.

    it suggests that updating your jQuery version and removing the UAS sniffing code and using feature detection instead will enable you to remove the x-ua emulateIE7 meta....

    Note: MSIE browsers don't support the Maths element or the Maths document type declarations.... you need a third-party namespace plugin or use the MS Equation app to create math equation images on web pages.

    An ideal replacement for the Maths dtd's and plugins is the html5 canvas element or scripted SVG.... I've found canvas useful for visualizing and simulating ocean gravity waves (trochoids)

    the IE test center has some sample canvas games (like cut-the-rope) that have ready made physics libraries for gravity and collision detection.

    Updating your site to xhtml5 would be an ideal application of the new web technologies.

    You may like to contact your nearest MS office to make enquiries (



    Tuesday, February 5, 2013 7:54 AM