Custom style change in a template not getting reflected while creating CHM RRS feed

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  • Hi,

    I have created a word template with new styles CustomHeading1, CustomHeading2 and CustomHeading3. By mistake I selected style type as "Paragraph and Linked character". I created couple of document on it.

    Later on when I realized the mistake, I changed to style type as "Paragraph" and style based on "Heading1", "Heading2" and "Heading3" respectively.

    I use MacroObject Suite to convert word to PDF. After above mentioned changes when I create CHM it considers Headings as normal test and shows it without hierarchical structure.

    If I rename the CustomHeading1 to some other name and reapply on document, then it works fine. It is lot of rework if I have to reapply style.

    Anyone having any idea why this behavior is seen. Is it embedding something? And what can be solution in such situation? Is there any way to clear all references and automatically reapply styles?



    Saturday, October 17, 2015 3:54 AM