0C-00000042 on 4.6 / 4.5 SP2 client RRS feed

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    This error can occur on App-V 4.5 SP2 or App-V 4.6, but only for certain EXE's. The applications can also make the already App-V 4.5 already running error free. 


    With the Service Pack, the latest version of the virtualization libraries was rolled out here is the section header for Exe's limited to 32. If one now has an exe and I want to start out App-V out is obtained following errors: 

    Application Virtualization Client could not launch [application name] [version]. 

    Unexpected error. Report the following error code your system administrator. 

    Error Code: 4534C18-00102A0C-00,000,042 

    How to get out if an EXE has more than these 32 sections? 

    The tool comes along that DUMPBIN.EXE in Visual Studio shows the very good to: 

    Dump of file t: \ abc.exe 



           22000th data 
            7000th rdata 
           10000th reloc 
           31000th rsrc 
           C1000. Text 
            1000 ARROWKEY 
            2000 CHECKTOU 
            1000 CHECK_TR 
            1000 CHG_DISA 
            1000 CHG_HEIG 
            1000 CHG_HLOC 
            1000 CHG_LOCA 
            1000 CHG_TEXT 
            1000 CHG_VISI 
            1000 CHG_VLOC 
            1000 CHG_WIDT 
            1000 CONSOLID 
            1000 DBCHGMSG 
            2000 FASTLOAD 
            1000 GETSAMPL 
            MOUSEMOVE 1000 
            4000 MOUSE_TE 
            1000 OF_INIT 
            1000 RTOPS_FU 
            1000 jusched.exe 
            1000 SLIDER_T 
            1000 TIMEREVE 
            1000 TOUCHFRA 
            In 1000 TRENDDRA 
            1000 TRENDLOA 
            2000 TREND_UP 
            3000 UPDATECO 
            1000 UPDATE_C 
            1000 UPDATE_L 
            1000 VIEWSETB 
            5000 VIEWWNDP 
            1000 VUDELETE 
            1000 VUINIT_T 
            1000 VUINPDLG 
            1000 VULDWIN_ 
            1000 VUMENU_T 
            1000 VUPAINT_ 
            1000 VURARE_T 
            3000 WDWINDEX 

    Most applications have up to five sections (is also a resource matter, the less the less memory). According to MSDN for up to 96 headers are allowed. 

    A fix could give it, but this needs to be verified yet if this is easily accomplished. 

    Best wishes 

    Sebastian Gernert - Support Escalation Engineer


    Saturday, June 26, 2010 6:20 AM