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  • First of all thanks for trying to help me here is my concern in detail. Kindly provide me an answer for all points.

    1. Is it flexible to create a public facing site in sharepoint online 365. I want to create multiple pages (WITH FORMS AUTHENTICATION . Every user will be authenticated before they can view the pages, like enter enter credentials.. use forms auth.. membership,roles,profiles.)accessing a external sql database (not sharepoint lists all the time) using (entity framework and poco) or LINQ to SQL, Or do I need to Buy sharepoint server in premise

    Remember number of users will be reaching upto 50000 a day... very soon... for now only 1500 users perday!!

    2. Is it a good idea to create a public facing job portal in sharepoint online. Hint : They wont use most of the sharepoint feature and create sites and all just login and view and perform actions (Imagine a real-estate portal)

    3. I want to provide document upload, and perform document search, Numbers of documents will go more than a million !!! I am having a huge database. How fast will be the full text search,??? Can I open the .doc, .docx , .pdf files programatically (by creating sandboxed solution and read them and store a part of content in another list)

    4. Most Importantly, Is it possible to connect and perform CRUD operation to a external database in sharepoint online. I would like to create a custom pages accessing a sql server database and deploy this application inside sharepoint online as a sandboxed solution. (I read that I cant use System.Data namespace.. anyhow I WANT TO MAKE SURE WITH YOU GUYS)

    5. IF it is possible can I use microsoft enterprise library 5.0 with unity for DI for my custom classes inside sharepoint onlie (I ve read most of the features in System.Reflection are not supported)

    6. Can I run some windows services in sharepoint online, I attended microsoft cloud camps, they said in microsoft cloud we can run our custom services and even shown a demo of nerdbook...(which uses a service for image manipulation). Is that possible in sharepoint online. Run a custom service, which uses client object model to connect to my sharepoint site ansd lists. 

    I want to decide in which I must create a application , Available options are .. 

    A. If all the above are met I can use Sharepoint online 365

    B. Custom pages in sharepoint foundation 2010 / sharepoint server 2010 (I really no need enterprise functionalities, So Its good to stay with foundation 2010 when option B is selected)

    C. Leave sharepoint and go back to my buddy ASP.NET MVC 3, with the great razor view engine....MVC Contrib, Jquery..


    Please try to  reply me for all points, even if some sound stupid, 

    Sunday, October 16, 2011 12:28 PM

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  • 1. Since Forms based authentication requires making changes to the web.config file on the server SharePoint online doesn't currently support the use of forms based authentication.  YOu'll need to use either an onpremise installation of SharePoint or a hosting service that gives you access to the server like FPweb or Rackspace.

    2. With SharePoint online you can only create one Public facing anonymous site.  Depending on licensing you can invite external users to access your internal sites but they need to login using a LIve ID.  See answer #1.

    3. Depending on licensing you can use Office WEb Apps to open Office docs like DOC and DOCX, but there is no support for PDF and I doubt you could get a Sandbox solution built that would do this either.

    4. External database access at this point is limited to client script support (Javascript, Jquery, or Silverlight) in SharePoint online.  Its possible, but would be quite difficult custom code.

    5. I'm not sure on this one, but I doubt it.

    6. You can't load custom services code in SharePoint online like you can in the cloud becasue you don't have access to the GAC.

    SharePoint online does NOT sound like a good alternative for what you want to do at this point.  I would look at some of the hosting providers who will host a whole SharePoint server or set of servers for you.  I would start with FPweb and rackspace.

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    Sunday, October 16, 2011 5:50 PM