Application setup.exe at location L:\Downloads\Setups\NotBackedUp\setup.exe - checksum?! RRS feed

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  • Is there any info recorded anywhere in Windows, that tells me the name of a setup file that (ideally including it's path)?

    An executable can usually (always?) be opened with 7-zip, often (like itunes) revealing the executable internally to contain a collection of .msi's. Maybe info about the execution of one of these is logged somewhere, in which case (with a bit more effort) I think the 'origin' (setup.exe) could be inferred...

    I read that the journal records every file that's opened!!! is this human-readable?

    Thinking aloud. I have about 7 widi setup executables I obtained whilst trying to setup intel widi, similar scenario with several other applications installed on various VHDs. I'd like to purge my downloads>>setups folder, but retain installation-media for important applications (just in case).

    So much info is installed during installation (ie setup/msi stuff as well as appdata of course), surely something this simple must be possible somehow, somewhere! somebody?

    Thinkin aloud 

    Tuesday, September 29, 2015 3:36 PM