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  • On my Windows 8.1 operation system, I have just one internal hard drive. On that disk are 4 basic, primary partitions. The first partition is a recovery partition. The next one is EFI System partition. The third is C: drive (Boot, Page file, crash dump). And the fourth is another Recovery partition. After those is over 800 GB of unallocated space. All were basic and I wanted to allocate the rest of the disk. The problem is there are already 4 primary partitions on the disk that the computer made automatically. So, I decided to convert the disk from a Basic disk to a Dynamic disk. However, even though the hard disk reads as Dynamic and the C: partition on it is now Dynamic, the three other partitions remained as Basic partitions. I still can't allocate the remaining unallocated space. When I right-click any of the three Basic partitions, All I get is "Help". I can't delete any of them. They didn't convert to Dynamic when I converted the disk to Dynamic. I Think this is also why my restore points all keep disappearing. I never had these problems with any previous Window operating systems, just this Windows 8.1 operating system. What can be done to fix this?
    Wednesday, February 25, 2015 2:40 AM