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  • Not sure of how many people use this application. Also heads up this is an Excel Add-in so if you have not virtualized Office this may be one you want to miss. I do not have Office 2010 sequenced either but for this particular app, there's a shortcut when installed locally anyways so I decided to do it.

    One known limitation is that the app may fail to launch if another instance of Excel is already open. You could script to kill Excel or just accept the risk.

    Step 1 - Prepare the sequencing machine by adding the following Exclusions to the Exclusions list:

    Launch the App-V Sequencer. Browse to Tools-->Options



    \REGISTRY\MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings


    \REGISTRY\MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings


    Ensure Windows Search and Windows Defender services have been stopped on the machine.

    Step 2 - Sequence the Application

    Ensure that you have launched Excel at least once on your sequencing machine before you proceed with sequencing then choose all defaults in the App-V Sequencing Wizard until you get to the window prompting you to provide a Package name. Name the package accordingly e.g. ASAP Utilities 4.6. Take note of the Primary Directory e.g. Q:\ASAP Utilities 4.6 as you'll want to install the application here. Click Next.

    Choose Perform a custom installation. Click Next.

    Launch the installer. I accepted all defaults. Once complete you need to apply the license information. You can do this via the registry [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\VB and VBA Program Settings\ASAP Utilities\setup] or you could launch the application and do it through the GUI. After installation and registration, I launched the application, It prompts for a save directory. I chose to point this into my CSIDL_APPDATA\ASAP Utilities Folder, I also Chose to allow the macros. Went into the the Excel options menu and chose to allow the Macros. This will allow the Macro to work in the virtual environment.

    Check the box to indicate the install has been completed once you have successfully installed the application.

    I do not launch to optimize and just hover over the menus to ensure they come down and are presented to the user quick.

    I removed all shortcuts e.g. Read Me, PDF, Excel sheet with Install info, Uninstall etc. And just left the main application shorcut e.g. ASAP Utilities. I also deleted a registry key with my name in it: Inno Setup User

    When complete you may select File-->SaveAs

    Save the application to the relevant path (what you set in the Deployment tab)

    Step 3 - Application Complete

    That's the application sequenced. Again you may want to apply a pre-script to check to see if an instance of Excel is running and prompt the user to close and re-launch or possibly kill the process (not advised)


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