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  • Greetings - 

    We are creating mail flow rules to generate a logo and disclaimer for all new emails through our Exchange Server.

    I'm finding that in testing the rule works but then it will stop working although nothing has changed.    If I then create a copy of the rule and delete/modify the original rule as to not be usable, the new rule will work.   But I'm not sure that it will continue to work consistently.   

    It may be the result of renaming, adding a user to the rule, or changing the priorty (this would be priority "0") - 

    Has anyone else had this experience and what can be done about it   Makes absolutely no sense.


    (thank you)

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  • I deleted your duplicate post in this forum.

    If you don't share all the specifics of the rule than anything we offer would be a guess.

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  • Hi,

    Make sure the transport rule agent is enabled firstly. With command: Get-TransportAgent.

    When the issue happens, please check the event logs to see if any related warnings and errors.

    It’s recommended to re-create this rule and check the results and the priority should be 0.

    If possible, please post out the detailed information of this rule with command: get-transportrule <name> | fl

    Hope it helps.


    Jason Chao

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