ConfigMgr2012SP1 - All packages fails during OSD RRS feed

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  • Environment:

    Servers: Windows Server 2008 R2

    Clients: Windows 7 Enterprise SP1

    OK, so we just migrated from ConfigMgr 2007. When running Task Sequence the OS, ConfigMgr Client and Driver Packages install fine but all other Packages like Office, Adobe etc. fails with the following errors from Deployment Status:

    The task sequence execution engine failed executing the action (Install Office 2010) in the group (Setup Operating System) with the error code 2278556181
    Action output: ... B3-40B5-85EB-1CD7FA28F967}'
    Waiting for installation job to complete..
    Waiting for job status notification...
    Waiting for job status notification...
    TS::Utility::GetCcmExecPid(dwServerPid), HRESULT=87d00215 (e:\nts_sccm_release\sms\client\osdeployment\installsoftware\installsoftware.cpp,826)
    IsServerConnected(bConnected), HRESULT=87d00215 (e:\nts_sccm_release\sms\client\osdeployment\installsoftware\installsoftware.cpp,891)
    WaitforJobCompletion(spExecReqMgr), HRESULT=87d00215 (e:\nts_sccm_release\sms\client\osdeployment\installsoftware\installsoftware.cpp,796)
    Entering ReleaseSource() for C:\_SMSTaskSequence\Packages\C0100128
    reference count 1 for the source C:\_SMSTaskSequence\Packages\C0100128 before releasing
    Released the resolved source C:\_SMSTaskSequence\Packages\C0100128
    pInstall->Install(sPackageID, sProgramName), HRESULT=87d00215 (e:\nts_sccm_release\sms\client\osdeployment\installsoftware\main.cpp,361)
    The sms client service is not running.

    Install Software failed, hr=0x87d00215. The operating system reported error 2147944122: The RPC server is unavailable.

    I will get the SMSTS.log later, but does anybody see now where the issue is?

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    Monday, March 18, 2013 11:15 AM